Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) Facts

Used as a substitute to sugar due to its sweetening ability. Contains several sweetening compounds of which stevoside is the most potent. Has a sweetening effect that is 300 times that of table sugar with near zero calories. Documented ceremonial use by Indians in the 1400s. We have found a special use for it when treating patients with certain digestive problems.

When Does It Become Child Abuse?

Kids are the best patients to treat. Although they get sick more frequently due to their immature immune systems, their bodies heal quicker and they respond better to treatment. For the most part, their problems are much less complicated than those of adults. They haven't had the chance to make a big mess of their bodies the way adults have! We sometimes see adults presenting in our office with dozens of complaints, a history that is several pages long, and a folder six inches thick of medical records and films. Kids usually come in with only one main problem. Their condition is never complicated with arthritis, poor circulation, obesity, and years of abuse from smoking, drugs, or alcohol. With a little help in the right direction, their bodies respond quickly.

Unfortunately, many well meaning parents compromise their own children's health, repeatedly, through overuse of allopathic medicine. Traditional medical management of many common childhood conditions such as recurrent ear infections, bronchitis, cholic, allergies, asthma, and hyperactivity centers around treating the symptoms rather than the cause of the condition. We see so many children who became sick, were given an antibiotic, got sick again, were given a different antibiotic, etc. and were about to have tubes put into their ears before they were finally brought to us. Already not the best approach, symptomatic treatment becomes inappropriate when the parent or the physician sees a negative pattern repeating itself. Shouldn't you find and fix the cause once and for all instead of repeatedly treating the symptoms with dangerous drugs?

The negative effects produced by antibiotic overuse and steroid therapies are presently being recognized as the cause for many resistant and degenerative conditions. Many doctors are still dispensing these drugs to their patients as if they were candy. Antibiotics, far from being innocuous, have accelerated the proliferation of more and more drug resistant strains of bacterias by being over prescribed. They often cause gastric upset and are responsible for the widespread epidemic of systemic yeast infections and the resulting stress placed upon the immune system.

Cortisone based steroids also weaken the immune system. Immune suppression occurs because of the interference of lymphocyte production and because it decreases migration of white blood cells into inflamed areas. These steroids also disturb other systems in the body because they have the unique characteristic of robbing protein from one area to patch up another. Some of the more common side effects include

osteoporosis, gastric ulceration, and increased tendency for muscle and tendon injury.

Childhood allergies are often traumatic for child and parent alike. After subjecting the child to two or three years of allergy shots without success, one would think that the parent would be more than ready to try an alternative approach. Sometimes one office visit to us, a few days on some herbs and the removal of wheat or some other food from the diet is all that is necessary to break this cycle!

Medical treatments are often not only ineffective, but also harmful to the child's health and development. Over use of prescription drugs weakens the body and make it vulnerable to secondary chronic and degenerative conditions. We see so many children suffering needlessly because their physicians and parents are either uninformed about or unwilling to accept alternative medicine.

Along with Systemic Repatterning, which supports the body as it heals itself, herbs, nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies are by far the preferable first line of defense in most childhood illnesses because of their gentleness of action and because they treat the source of the problem, not just the symptoms.

If you have children or know of others who do, next time they are sick - think of us first!

Good health practices should not be reserved only for adults!