Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) Facts

Used as a substitute to sugar due to its sweetening ability. Contains several sweetening compounds of which stevoside is the most potent. Has a sweetening effect that is 300 times that of table sugar with near zero calories. Documented ceremonial use by Indians in the 1400s. We have found a special use for it when treating patients with certain digestive problems.

It's Not Just The Vitamins!

If there was one healing system that could treat all injuries and health problems, that's the one I would be using. The system would be arranged like a cook book. When you would become ill, you would simply look up the condition in the medical reference section. The book would tell you what point to rub or what pill to take. That would be the ideal situation. We all, including me, want life to be that simple. Unfortunately, there is not, nor will there ever, be one system that works well with all health problems.

In this fast paced society people are always looking for a quick fix for their health problems. As a result, our society has become very pill oriented. People are always asking me what can they take to lose weight, or to have more energy, or what can they take to build their immune system, etc. That is the reason for the title of the first several newsletters. As I have attempted to convey, it isn't that simple. Health problems are a function of so many diverse factors including genetics, life style, stress, diet, and exposure to poisons and infections. There never can be cook book prescriptions for such complicated problems. People's bodies are complicated and their health problems are diverse. Diverse problems require diverse solutions.

The common practice of throwing treatments at problems and hoping for results is practiced by many doctors. I have seen so many patients come into my office with shopping bags full of the pills they were taking. They don't know which pills are helping and which pills were making them worse. This sloppiness is mirrored by both alternative as well as conventional medicine.

Back in 1964, a chiropractor, George Goodheart DC devised a system called Applied Kinesiology. Two great innovations were part of this new system. The first innovation was the ability to integrate several different healing systems and apply a combined approach to the patient. It was found that the effectiveness of the techniques was amplified when used together.

The second innovation was the ability to "listen in" and interpret the "conversations" of the nervous system by monitoring acupuncture points, reflexology points, and neurologic indicators. You could now monitor immediately whether progress was being made or not in a particular area of the body. No longer did you need to wait weeks or months to tell whether your treatment was effective or not. In addition, it allowed the practitioner, the ability to trace problems and determine from where they were originating. In the past, treatment would be misdirected because the source of a problem is often distant from where the symptoms occur. Now we can go right to its source and treat the cause not the symptoms. We get many patients with difficult problems referred to us from other doctors. These innovations provided by Applied Kinesiology are the reason why.

Although each specialty has merits in its own right, there is no single mode of treatment that is ideal when treating a diversity of health problems. We have a great respect for the power of healing that is possible with the right chiropractic adjustment. The same is true with the stimulation of acupressure points, the use of lymphatic drainage technique, and the prescribing of the right combination of supplements. In combination, the effects are much greater. Getting healthier is much more than just finding the right vitamins to take.