Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) Facts

Used as a substitute to sugar due to its sweetening ability. Contains several sweetening compounds of which stevoside is the most potent. Has a sweetening effect that is 300 times that of table sugar with near zero calories. Documented ceremonial use by Indians in the 1400s. We have found a special use for it when treating patients with certain digestive problems.

Where Do You Begin?

If you suffer with symptoms that cannot be pinpointed with medical testing or resolved with drugs, where can you turn? There have been incredible advances within the realm of alternative / holistic medicine and this is where many are finding their answer.

One reason is that most illnesses and injuries do not show up on x-rays or blood tests. I can't tell you how many times I hear, in my office, stories of doctors proclaiming "We can't find anything so the problem must be all in your head". 

Todays complicated health problems require a more involved, hands on approach to diagnose and treat.  In a world full of toxins, over use of medications, and resistant infections,  it is time to return to the source and strength of our health using natural non-invasive methods.

Over a lifetime, your body is subjected to stresses and traumas, but the cumulative damage created is not always self-resolving.  Adhesions, scar tissue, emotional traumas, misalignments, and nutritional deficiencies will prevent recovery.

 In our office, we address these conditions with several different systems of treatment. Our methods of treatment include trigger point therapy, acupressure, cranial balancing, diet modification, allergy testing, herbal and nutritional supplementation.

Chiropractic adjustments are rendered when necessary however, our technique is very different than what many are used to. There is no "cracking" or " popping" of joints. Instead, you'll experience gentle and painless, completely hands-on diagnosis, treatment and release of blockages and toxins.

Each visit concludes with an over-all assessment of the patient's condition. Most complaints are resolved with just a few visits. Long treatment schedules or lengthy  protocols are never necessary.